Monday, February 23, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I don't know for sure what's going on...I think I have fallen off the blogging wagon. Just haven't had much motivation for it lately. Hope it's not a permanent thing, I just start feeling like I could be doing a million other things, but thinking this is the only "journaling" I do these days keeps the hope alive :) So here are some bits and pieces of what's been happening lately.

Brevin LOVES feeling the baby kick these days, and it makes me sooooooooo happy. I just wish I could get them excited about this whole baby thing, and it's coming along. This baby is MEAN and I mean MEAN! It kicks me so stinking hard I sometimes just watch and wait for it to bust through my skin. But Brevin thinks it's hilarious and get the hugest smile when he gets walloped. Their latest thing is to put their little frogs and dinosaurs on my belly and watch the baby knock them off. It's so fun.

We went to Boise this past weekend to watch Girl's State Bball. It was soooooooo nice about spring fever. Anyway we went shopping after we were looking for "coming home from the hospital outfits." I automatically went to the boy section over and over in each store. Bryson laughed that I couldn't get myself to buy anything pink. So...

My good friend Kelsie was here getting pictures done last week, and we were talking about what the baby is going to be. She told me that I needed to ask her dad. He has 18 grandchildren and knew what each one was ahead of time. So I saw him last Saturday and asked what he thought...without hesitation he said "GIRL!" I started laughing...maybe a little bit of that nervous laugh and asked how he could tell...he said that he just can. So when we walked out Bryson said, "You better buy some girl stuff!"

Oh, and if it is a girl (and it wont be)...Kesler insists that her name will be Shark!

Some of my latest cravings. Raisin Bran...seriously, I can't get enough of it. I crave it constantly. And fig newtons...only the raspberry ones though. The only problem is I am the only person who eats them at this I am always aware of exactly how much I ate :(

Kesler told us the other day that his favorite songs are "All the Single Ladies" and "Chasing Penguins." Now while incredibly comical I knew what he meant by the first one, but couldn't figure out the second. And then came epiphany..."Chasing Penguins" was actually "Chasing Pavements" by Adele. I nearly wet myself when he started singing it with the substitution.

After Brevin's first bball game we've been working on him being more aggressive on the court, and I think it's working. He has been playing really well. Last game he scored 6 points (enough to fulfill the Cold Stone promise his dad bribed him with) and is getting much more comfortable on the court. I said to Bryson, "You know it's like you're Clark Kent every day and then you zip on your Supermman costume to go onto the gotta figure out how to get our kid to do the same!"

The most hilarious thing, though, the ref had Brevin do a jump ball. There just happened to be an opponent that was in his height range and the little fellas did the jumping...hilarious. Oh, and Brevin won the jump ball :)

So here are some February favorites...

  • Going to LOTS of basketball games

  • Stopping to see our friends, Jackson, Rachelle, and Berkley on the way to Boise

  • Girls day out in Utah...I love spending the day with old friends

  • Getting our basement ALMOST finished

  • Making Valentine's Day suckers with the Spilletts

  • Watching the snow melt...HOORAY, bring on spring!

  • Seeing how excited Brevin gets when my family comes to watch him play

  • Kesler making me laugh every single day

  • Feeling this baby move...ALL DAY LONG

  • Making Valentine cards with my kids for Brevin's class

  • Sissy's birthday weekend :)

  • Learning how to crochet, even though I'm terrible (thanks, Rachel)

  • Taking fun pictures

  • A very unlikely, but fun Valentine's Day

  • Getting a Wii fit and watching my kids jog in place for hours on end

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Brevin's First Basketball Game

Brevin had his very first basketball game last week. This highly anticipated event did not fall short. It was pretty stinking hilarious. Of course every night of his life since he could walk Brevin and his Dad have played basketball games in the basement. He knows all the rules, he knows all the moves, and it was time to put his skills to work. What happened? He was scared out of his mind. He was the only kindergartner playing with first and second graders and everyone knows that he quite possibly could be the shyest child that ever lived. Thankfully Bryson was his coach and slowly but surely he started playing like he knows how. I would yell, "Brevin, find your man!." and he would look at me with huge eyes and mouth, "I AM!" .

I had to laugh that he was the only kid who's feet dangled while sitting on the bench. Not to worry, though, those feet were sporting Jordan's, yep, a six year old wearing Jordan's. I didn't think it was really that necessary and tried to coax all sorts of other shoes as options, but I wasn't winning this battle...not with Brevin or Bryson.

Brevin is a TOTAL rule follower, and each kid was given an armband that corresponds to a player on the other team that they are supposed to guard. He was on those kids like glue whether it meant paying attention to the rest of the game or not. And let me tell you...he was so ticked that everyone else wasn't doing the same. Totally disgusted he said, "Did you see when I shot, there were three guys on me!"

Yep I laughed, hysterically, the entire time and every time Brevin asks when his next game is (which is at least 3 times a day) I get just as excited as him.