Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our Babymoon

Well Bryson surprised me for my 30th Birthday with a trip to Hawaii...the only problem...we didn't know we were pregnant yet when he booked it so it was originally scheduled for spring break which wasn't going to work with a baby not too far from that point. So after working on some rescheduling we went this past week to Maui and loved every minute of it. I had been to Hawaii twice, and swore I would someday take Bryson, and let me tell you what. He loved it even more than I had expected. He didn't want to come home! Here's a little bit of what we did...

CAUTION: This posts contains of photos of a disgustingly huge pregnant woman who normally does not allow any photos to be taken while pregnant! Hopefully you will be able to distinguish her from the humpback whale.

Day 1: We arrive in Maui early afternoon. Torrential downpour! No pictures.
Day 2: We started at a beach just outside of our hotel and caught some rays for awhile but decided to look for a more private area. We drove aways and found this awesome beach. The waves and the undertow were really strong. I got slammed into the ground and my headband and ponytail were gone when I came up :) Bryson freaked out and kept telling me to "get back here" the rest of our time there.

That night we went to a Luau. Bryson thought it was great. We met some cool people and had some funky food including a purple potato. I should have taken a picture of that...

Day 3: Snorkeling trip left at 5:15 am and got finished at around noon. Bryson loved it so much. He said it was his favorite thing he has ever done in his entire life! We used an underwater camera that day, so I have to get the film developed...then I will post those pictures.
That afternoon we went to the East side of Maui and went for a long walk on the beach, watched some crazy cliff jumpers for awhile, and went to a market for some shopping. By the way two Hawaiin women, at separate times, told me my baby was a boy for sure..."much too low to be girl."
Day 4: The Whale Watch. This was probably the highlight of my trip. It was something I had never done. Almost immediately after we got out of the bay the captain spotted a couple of whales. It's mating season in Hawaii so the females are constantly being chased by groups of males hoping to be the lucky guy. We saw several from a distance, but there is a law that if a whale comes within 100 yds of your boat you have to kill the engine because humpback whales are considered endangered. So when the captain killed the boat we were all watching rather anxiously when a humongous whale swam right up to the boat. It came out of the water and made a huge noise then swam underneath us. The guy next to me said it looked like a plane flying under the boat. (Humpback whales average about 50 feet long and weigh around 40 tons...not a little creature.) It swam beneath us a few times and I got some amazing pictures...not because my camera has a great zoom, but because it really was that close! I loved it! The crew member narrating told us it was probably top 3 whale watches he's been on in over 10 years. After the whale watch we decided to check out the North Shores of Maui. We were told that's where the huge waves are and the surfers flock to. A woman told us that every year there's a wave that reaches up to 120 feet called Jaws in this area. The beach was a lot different than the ones we had previously gone to. The waters were much more aggressive so I decided to sit this one out, and just enjoy being on the beach. Bryson spent a good half hour trying to catch these little white crabs that kept scurrying around us.

Yeah we were only there for four choice. I didn't want to be gone any longer, and although people thought we were crazy, there was a HUGE storm the 2 days before we got there, and it was predicted to be back the day after we left so I think it turned out perfect.

We had so much fun spending time together. It's been A LONG time since we have done anything like that. I was really nervous about leaving my boys. I am no good at being away from them, but they were in better than good hands. They had a little vacation of their own at Sissy and Nate's and finished of the last day at Grandma Mary Ann's. Check out Sissy's blog to see all the fun stuff they did. Warning: it will make you jealous that I have the best sister and brother in law in the world! Thanks guys, the boys loved their time with you...we love you both very much!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Belated New Year!

I know that it's a little late for a New Years Post, but I wanted to hurry and write down a few things about this past year. I kept thinking in my mind, "This was by far the worst year of my life." But when I took a minute to reflect on all of the great things that happened I adjusted my attitude and decided this has been one of the toughest years of my life, but not without enough good to at least balance it out. I guess it's funny how the "hard stuff" is so consuming.
The year started off with a bang for sure, and the hits just kept a coming. I always tease that I have a dark cloud that looms over my head, it just doubled it's size this year :) I guess you could say we had a year of living by Murphy's Law..."If it can go wrong, it will..." So although there have been a whole lot of tears, frustration, and an awful lot of 'I don't understands'. I can look at several loved ones in my life who have experienced harder things than I can comprehend this past year, and it makes me grateful for my own trials.

But how can I say our year was horrible when we...
  • Have two healthy, happy, adorable little boys.
  • Watched Sissy get married in the SLC temple to someone who treats her well.
  • Vacationed to San Diego, Bear Lake, Yellowstone, etc.
  • Made some friends that I wouldn't have survived without this past year.
  • Are going to bring another little person into this world.

So last year in a nutshell...

After Bryson completed his master's he was patient to wait for the right opportunity to come his way. He started counseling on the side at private agency that works with teens who are court ordered to have counseling because of drug and alcohol addiction. Then about six months ago after several job opportunities presenting themselves and Bryson turning them down, a clinician position opened up at his office. There are only two State Clinicians in Pocatello, so we worried a little about our odds, but in the end Bryson got the job. It's been a big adjustment for him to go from constantly being on the go to being in an office, but his coping skills have spurred him into a health kick, which has been great.
After starting the my photo blog, my year (in pictures especially) was a little overwhelming. It has taken some time for me to figure out how to balance it all, but I think I'm about there. After yet another ward split, I have been put back into the Young Womens. This is the 4th presidency and fourth calling in 4 1/2 years. I guess it's where I'm supposed to be, and I do love it. Kesler and I help in Brevin's Kindergarten class every Monday, and I've really loved being there getting to know his classmates and teachers. Weighing in 25 lbs heavier than normal I look forward to shedding these pounds, but don't so much look forward to gaining another 20 (which I did twice) or having a fat summer :( but those are the breaks, I guess.

Brevin (aka sticks, the skinniest kid who ever lived) is such a good kid. He started Kindergarten, and is reading up a storm. He's still brutally shy, much to his mommy's dismay, but those who try hard enough to break into his shell do. Brevin is extremely observant and notices absolutely everything about everything. I never know what's going to come out of his mouth next. He's very smart and is constantly asking what everything means...soaking up each piece of information he can shove in. He loves, loves, loves sports just like his daddy and asks daily when it's going to be time for baseball again. He is also really excited to start Junior Jazz in a couple of weeks. My basement is usually cluttered with balls of all sorts, blue paint tape serving as a three point line or end zone, arm bands, sweat bands, and tears...yep someone is always hurt, but it never stops them from playing hard.
Kesler my Cowboy is always the life of the party. He still tries to be really shy like his big bro, but not nearly as successfully :) He truly has an obsession with cowboys and spends at least half of every day playing farm, rodeo, or anything that involves horses. I love the names he gives to his toys. The bucking bull is most often "White Lightning" the riders vary, but usually "Johnny Jones" is thrown out at least once. Kesler really plans to ride a sheep in the first rodeo that comes his way and prays, literally, every single time he says the prayer that "Sissy & Nate will come to his rodeo." Bryson has expressed some sincere concern "What are we going to do if he really is a Cowboy?" People keep telling me that all little boys go through a cowboy phase, but Kesler's is a little extreme. Although it's been a struggle for Kesler to be home alone while Brevin is at school he has really started enjoying his one on one with mommy, and if he doesn't get it he lets us know. Kesler loves sports just about as much as his big bro, and only being a couple of pounds less than his 3 year old superior, he loves to start a good wrestling match.

So as I have said in previous posts...these three people are what keep my going. No matter how tough things get, it's sure nice to know that I have a wonderful husband and two precious little people that love me unconditionally. Somehow it makes everything a little better knowing that.
I do want to tell all of you that have helped me through everything this year how much I appreciate it. I really do have the best family and friends a girl could ask for.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Baby on board...

Sorry for the delay on the ultrasound news. Everything looked really good. I can't post the pictures (not that anyone is too interested in ultrasound pictures) but I went to use my scanner and saw that someone had stepped on it and shattered the glass :(

But our little baby was very active the whole time. The technician had a hard time getting a picture of a few things because it was moving so much. For you Twilight fans...I keep telling Lindsey that I feel like Bella being kicked and pushed all day long. But I love it.

It's hands were over it's face, and it's legs curled all the way up to it's bum, but eventually everything was measured and it all looked really good. Bryson and I have been really paranoid this time around, so it was a great relief to see that all was well.

My first ultrasound said the due date would be May 19th and the second said May 20th, so it looks like the middle of May is the official arriving time. However, because my babies like to be cooked a little long I wont plan to see it until the 20's. I am a little scared, though, that this thing's going to walk out of me. With Brevin weighing in at 8 lbs 8 oz and Kesler at 9 lbs 12 oz I'm a bit worried to have an over 10 pounder!

I must admit that I was a little tempted to find out what it was this time, but held strong. I think it's because I get teased so often that it's going to be a girl that I've got myself all confused. I KNOW it will be a boy, I am sure of it. But Bryson keeps teasing me every day that it's a girl...just trying to get under my skin...and don't tell him, but it's working. And I know having a little girl is so different from having a little boy (can't tell you how many times I've heard that one) but guess what? I don't want to have a child I feel differently about. I vow to NEVER treat one of my children different than the rest EVER!! So send me a boy!

I was just curious for those of you who have had a 3D ultrasound, if you thought it was worth it? We could have one on our next visit, and I kind of want one since this will be my last pregnancy, but I'm not sure. So...opinions everyone??

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Scones & Cowboys

So a few days ago Brevin woke up and came downstairs to find Martha Stewart keeping me company while I worked. She was making English scones and Brevin watched intently until she was finished and then asked if we could make I agreed. I have missed our regular mornings when we're able to do stuff like this together. They actually turned out really well, we put Huckleberry Jam (thanks, Candice) fresh strawberries, and whipped cream on top, and if I don't mind saying so myself...mmmm.

After a morning of baking, puzzles, playing farm etc...I announced that I must get ready for the day. Brevin & Kesler came out with a new book Santa brought them called Cowboy Things to Make and Do. They wanted me to join in, but I told them they would be on their own for this one. I was sooo surprised to see how well they crafted these Cowboy belts. That's a bull on Brevin's buckle, and a a horseshoe on Kesler's. When I asked them to pose for a picture they told me there would be no smiling...cowboy faces only!

Ice Fishing

The boys were dying to try out their new fishing poles, so Uncle Nate to the rescue! We called around to find out where the ice was thickest, and Devil's Creek was the answer. So, we took one more quick trip to Malad before the Christmas Break ended. It was a blizzardy day, so Lindsey and I stuck around long enough to take some quick pictures and wait for Kesler to call it quits (about a 1/2 hour). It actually looked pretty fun, just too cold! Grandpa Thayne and Brady drove up to meet everyone, and surprisingly Brevin & Bryson not only stuck it out...they enjoyed it! Crazy!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Time Sledding

I'm ashamed to admit that this is the first time we have taken our kids sledding. The day after Christmas we were still in Malad and 19 inches of snowfall graced the valley on Christmas day. The boys got a new sled, it was a sunny now seemed the most perfect time. The only problem came in finding somewhere to sled. We tried several different locations and couldn't get to any hills because none of the roads had been plowed so after driving around for 1/2 hour, we settled on Dead Man's Hill...I thought might be a little sleep for my little guys, but agreed. Brevin thought it was great. Actually everyone did except for you'll never guess...Kesler. My boy who absolutely detests being cold. He looked so stinking cute ready to go down the hill. Unfortunately he didn't look nearly as enthusiastic when he got back to the top.

Christmas '09

Let me first start by saying thanks to everyone who checked up on me after my last post :) I am feeling much better now. I have an ultrasound on Wed...NO, we wont be finding out what it is, but I am anxious to make sure everything is fine.

I am also anxious to get back to blogging, and I'm hoping I can first start with Christmas and catch up from there, then hopefully go back and hit some the important spots I missed along the Christmas...

On the Saturday before Christmas we headed to Malad for the Thompson Family Christmas Party. This was our first Thompson party without my Grandpa, and it made us all a little sad, but my sweet Grandma fought through her tears and made the best of things.

The whole way there Brevin kept saying that he was going to make something for Santa. I assured him that it wasn't necessary, but he insisted. Not only did he have to make something, though, it had to be boxed and gift wrapped with proper presentation. It was awfully cute when he went up to sit on Santa's lap, and gave him the gift. One of my aunts walked over to me and said that she didn't think she'd ever seen that done before. It really made me think about how thoughtful my little guy it. I love it. It was also awfully thoughtful of Santa to write a letter back to Brevin telling him how much he appreciated the gift and told him that he has his card hanging in his workshop.On Christmas Eve, we again headed to Malad for the Daniels Family Christmas Party. We decided to go a little early because Bryson was worried we were going to hit a storm, so I whipped up some sugar cookie dough and brought it for the kids to have fun with, and that's just what they did. They all had so much fun there was flour everywhere, but worth every bit. Kesler especially loved the dough. He put so much in his mouth we all dry-heaved a little.

Fishing poles were the number one item on both of my boys' Christmas lists. Their Uncle Nate is going to turn them into outdoorsmen...he's even working on my husband. So the boys were excited to see fishing poles, lots of books, board games, a race track, a sled, walkie talkies, and a Wii sitting out for them on Christmas morning. Kesler was especially excited to see his "kitty with black and brown and white on it" that he told everyone he wanted for Christmas. He named it Snowflake and hasn't put it down since he got it. Everyone loved the Wii. We had so much fun designing every ones characters, especially Grandma Mary Ann and Grandpa Thayne. (Who by the way were the biggest fans of the Wii, they've already driven to Pocatello to play it with the boys)

Christmas did have a bit of a down side. On the 18th Brevin started coughing and coming down with a fever, by that night he was having trouble breathing so we called the doctor and they told us to see how he was feeling in the morning. The next morning he wouldn't get out of bed so I went to take his temperature and saw and alarming 105.4! I loaded him up and rushed him to the doctor. He had croup which he gets terribly after having RSV as a baby. So they gave him a steroid to open up his lungs which helped out a ton. The doctor also warned that we would all get it, and that it would manifest as laryngitis in adults. He was right as always, and we all have taken turns with it. We still aren't all the way better, but we're on the mend.

Brevin was so sad he had to miss out on all the Christmas fun at school. They had a Polar Express PJ Party that he was so excited for, so Bryson went and rented the movie, popped some popcorn and held their own private party while I went out to finish shopping. I know, what a good dad, huh?

The other down side of Christmas I wont bother discussing...that would open another whole can of worms. But if there's anything I've learned it's that my kids somehow can make everything else okay. I am so lucky to have them.