Sunday, January 11, 2009

Scones & Cowboys

So a few days ago Brevin woke up and came downstairs to find Martha Stewart keeping me company while I worked. She was making English scones and Brevin watched intently until she was finished and then asked if we could make I agreed. I have missed our regular mornings when we're able to do stuff like this together. They actually turned out really well, we put Huckleberry Jam (thanks, Candice) fresh strawberries, and whipped cream on top, and if I don't mind saying so myself...mmmm.

After a morning of baking, puzzles, playing farm etc...I announced that I must get ready for the day. Brevin & Kesler came out with a new book Santa brought them called Cowboy Things to Make and Do. They wanted me to join in, but I told them they would be on their own for this one. I was sooo surprised to see how well they crafted these Cowboy belts. That's a bull on Brevin's buckle, and a a horseshoe on Kesler's. When I asked them to pose for a picture they told me there would be no smiling...cowboy faces only!


Bo and Nell said...

Looks YUMMY!!! And your boys are very talented! What GREAT cowboy faces!!!!

M-n-M said...

Bar-none the cutest cowboys I have ever seen. Where was your cowgirl belt??

The scones looked pretty impressive - since you have basically turned into Martha Stewart maybe it is time you guys moved next door to us!!

You are a great wife!!!!!, great mom!!!!, and friend -

Monica said...

I love your posts. I'd have to agree that you have some pretty cute cowboys there. They are such handsome little guys.