Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas '09

Let me first start by saying thanks to everyone who checked up on me after my last post :) I am feeling much better now. I have an ultrasound on Wed...NO, we wont be finding out what it is, but I am anxious to make sure everything is fine.

I am also anxious to get back to blogging, and I'm hoping I can first start with Christmas and catch up from there, then hopefully go back and hit some the important spots I missed along the Christmas...

On the Saturday before Christmas we headed to Malad for the Thompson Family Christmas Party. This was our first Thompson party without my Grandpa, and it made us all a little sad, but my sweet Grandma fought through her tears and made the best of things.

The whole way there Brevin kept saying that he was going to make something for Santa. I assured him that it wasn't necessary, but he insisted. Not only did he have to make something, though, it had to be boxed and gift wrapped with proper presentation. It was awfully cute when he went up to sit on Santa's lap, and gave him the gift. One of my aunts walked over to me and said that she didn't think she'd ever seen that done before. It really made me think about how thoughtful my little guy it. I love it. It was also awfully thoughtful of Santa to write a letter back to Brevin telling him how much he appreciated the gift and told him that he has his card hanging in his workshop.On Christmas Eve, we again headed to Malad for the Daniels Family Christmas Party. We decided to go a little early because Bryson was worried we were going to hit a storm, so I whipped up some sugar cookie dough and brought it for the kids to have fun with, and that's just what they did. They all had so much fun there was flour everywhere, but worth every bit. Kesler especially loved the dough. He put so much in his mouth we all dry-heaved a little.

Fishing poles were the number one item on both of my boys' Christmas lists. Their Uncle Nate is going to turn them into outdoorsmen...he's even working on my husband. So the boys were excited to see fishing poles, lots of books, board games, a race track, a sled, walkie talkies, and a Wii sitting out for them on Christmas morning. Kesler was especially excited to see his "kitty with black and brown and white on it" that he told everyone he wanted for Christmas. He named it Snowflake and hasn't put it down since he got it. Everyone loved the Wii. We had so much fun designing every ones characters, especially Grandma Mary Ann and Grandpa Thayne. (Who by the way were the biggest fans of the Wii, they've already driven to Pocatello to play it with the boys)

Christmas did have a bit of a down side. On the 18th Brevin started coughing and coming down with a fever, by that night he was having trouble breathing so we called the doctor and they told us to see how he was feeling in the morning. The next morning he wouldn't get out of bed so I went to take his temperature and saw and alarming 105.4! I loaded him up and rushed him to the doctor. He had croup which he gets terribly after having RSV as a baby. So they gave him a steroid to open up his lungs which helped out a ton. The doctor also warned that we would all get it, and that it would manifest as laryngitis in adults. He was right as always, and we all have taken turns with it. We still aren't all the way better, but we're on the mend.

Brevin was so sad he had to miss out on all the Christmas fun at school. They had a Polar Express PJ Party that he was so excited for, so Bryson went and rented the movie, popped some popcorn and held their own private party while I went out to finish shopping. I know, what a good dad, huh?

The other down side of Christmas I wont bother discussing...that would open another whole can of worms. But if there's anything I've learned it's that my kids somehow can make everything else okay. I am so lucky to have them.


Dille Fam said...

Looks like a great Christmas! We are thinking about getting a Wii. You'll have to tell me what games you like! Hope you are feeling better. I can't believe you can wait 9 months and not find out the sex of your baby! You've got patience! Can't wait to hear more on your blog.

Jillene & Tyson said...

I am so glad to see that you updated your blog. It looked like you guys had a really fun Christmas and I am glad that your feeling better. We wish we could be two places at once so that we could enjoy the fun in both countries. Let me know how the ultrasound goes and that everything is ok.

Bo and Nell said...

How fun!!! The girls got a Wii as well! They play it everyday for hours!!!! Good luck with the ultrasound!

kristib said...

So good to hear that you guys are on the mend! Preston got the same little toy that Brevin is holding in the picture of him and Bryson- hooray for Target! I can't believe you're not going to find out the sex either. You must have a lot more patience than I do. Thanks for blogging again!

Monica said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome Christmas! We got a wii too, and I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not. B is obsessed and we really have to limit his time or he would play all day.

I'm glad all is okay with Brev. That is scary. And I feel bad I missed you all. Darn weather!

Jaime And Tyrell said...

Sounds like a good Christmas Sara has Wii and Trey wants to play it all the time. Now he wants one for his birthday on the 17th and me and Ty can't decide if it is a good idea so your opinion and some games would be great!!