Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Belated New Year!

I know that it's a little late for a New Years Post, but I wanted to hurry and write down a few things about this past year. I kept thinking in my mind, "This was by far the worst year of my life." But when I took a minute to reflect on all of the great things that happened I adjusted my attitude and decided this has been one of the toughest years of my life, but not without enough good to at least balance it out. I guess it's funny how the "hard stuff" is so consuming.
The year started off with a bang for sure, and the hits just kept a coming. I always tease that I have a dark cloud that looms over my head, it just doubled it's size this year :) I guess you could say we had a year of living by Murphy's Law..."If it can go wrong, it will..." So although there have been a whole lot of tears, frustration, and an awful lot of 'I don't understands'. I can look at several loved ones in my life who have experienced harder things than I can comprehend this past year, and it makes me grateful for my own trials.

But how can I say our year was horrible when we...
  • Have two healthy, happy, adorable little boys.
  • Watched Sissy get married in the SLC temple to someone who treats her well.
  • Vacationed to San Diego, Bear Lake, Yellowstone, etc.
  • Made some friends that I wouldn't have survived without this past year.
  • Are going to bring another little person into this world.

So last year in a nutshell...

After Bryson completed his master's he was patient to wait for the right opportunity to come his way. He started counseling on the side at private agency that works with teens who are court ordered to have counseling because of drug and alcohol addiction. Then about six months ago after several job opportunities presenting themselves and Bryson turning them down, a clinician position opened up at his office. There are only two State Clinicians in Pocatello, so we worried a little about our odds, but in the end Bryson got the job. It's been a big adjustment for him to go from constantly being on the go to being in an office, but his coping skills have spurred him into a health kick, which has been great.
After starting the my photo blog, my year (in pictures especially) was a little overwhelming. It has taken some time for me to figure out how to balance it all, but I think I'm about there. After yet another ward split, I have been put back into the Young Womens. This is the 4th presidency and fourth calling in 4 1/2 years. I guess it's where I'm supposed to be, and I do love it. Kesler and I help in Brevin's Kindergarten class every Monday, and I've really loved being there getting to know his classmates and teachers. Weighing in 25 lbs heavier than normal I look forward to shedding these pounds, but don't so much look forward to gaining another 20 (which I did twice) or having a fat summer :( but those are the breaks, I guess.

Brevin (aka sticks, the skinniest kid who ever lived) is such a good kid. He started Kindergarten, and is reading up a storm. He's still brutally shy, much to his mommy's dismay, but those who try hard enough to break into his shell do. Brevin is extremely observant and notices absolutely everything about everything. I never know what's going to come out of his mouth next. He's very smart and is constantly asking what everything means...soaking up each piece of information he can shove in. He loves, loves, loves sports just like his daddy and asks daily when it's going to be time for baseball again. He is also really excited to start Junior Jazz in a couple of weeks. My basement is usually cluttered with balls of all sorts, blue paint tape serving as a three point line or end zone, arm bands, sweat bands, and tears...yep someone is always hurt, but it never stops them from playing hard.
Kesler my Cowboy is always the life of the party. He still tries to be really shy like his big bro, but not nearly as successfully :) He truly has an obsession with cowboys and spends at least half of every day playing farm, rodeo, or anything that involves horses. I love the names he gives to his toys. The bucking bull is most often "White Lightning" the riders vary, but usually "Johnny Jones" is thrown out at least once. Kesler really plans to ride a sheep in the first rodeo that comes his way and prays, literally, every single time he says the prayer that "Sissy & Nate will come to his rodeo." Bryson has expressed some sincere concern "What are we going to do if he really is a Cowboy?" People keep telling me that all little boys go through a cowboy phase, but Kesler's is a little extreme. Although it's been a struggle for Kesler to be home alone while Brevin is at school he has really started enjoying his one on one with mommy, and if he doesn't get it he lets us know. Kesler loves sports just about as much as his big bro, and only being a couple of pounds less than his 3 year old superior, he loves to start a good wrestling match.

So as I have said in previous posts...these three people are what keep my going. No matter how tough things get, it's sure nice to know that I have a wonderful husband and two precious little people that love me unconditionally. Somehow it makes everything a little better knowing that.
I do want to tell all of you that have helped me through everything this year how much I appreciate it. I really do have the best family and friends a girl could ask for.


Monica said...

I'm glad you survived 2008, Ad. I wished I lived closer to you to help you through the bad times. You know, I would do anything for you. You've always been such a good friend and I love you lots. Lets hope this year is much better.

Bo and Nell said...

Hope this year is much better! Can't wait till the new little one gets here! How exciting! Thanks again for your awesome job! People still comment on how wonderful the pics are!!!

Anonymous said...

It's funny that I really can't think of a single person who hasn't had a really rough 2008. I am very confident that 2009 has much better things in store for all of us, so I welcomed it with open arms!! I think you're starting out right with your little trip to the island :) Love your guts friend...

West Family said...

i love the pictures of your adorable boys - i had a friend ask me if you bought the outfits just for the pictures - too cute! glad you are doing well. i miss you.

Jillene & Tyson said...

It is funny how no matter how hard we try to get rid of the bad that happens in our lives, it always has a way of finding us. I am so sorry that last year was so rough but we love u and want you to know that we are always here for you if you need anything.