Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baseball, T-Ball, Softball, Anyball

It feels like everything we do these days revolves around some form of baseball. Bryson is playing on a city league softball team, my nephew Brady is playing nearly every day on a legion baseball team, (often against Grady Burch whom we love) we have become awfully attached to the Spillet family and we all love going to watch Mason play, and of course, Brevin plays T-Ball twice a week formally, but all day every day my two boys are wearing mitts and begging me to pitch to them! Kelser takes a lot of pride in his role as "Bat Boy" and insists on wearing Brevin's cleats that are five sizes too big the minute we get home.

Brevin had the game of his life last week. He was playing charger (he stands where the pitcher would be and picks up all the grounders) and made quite a few fantastic plays at home. When out of the blue a pop fly went up in the air headed straight in his direction. He stuck out his hand and everyone was a bit shocked when the ball plopped right into his mitt. You couldn't wipe the smile off of his face! He ran off the field and said "Mom, did you see me catch that pop fly?!" We were excited that Grandma Mary Ann, Jillene, and Teagan were there to witness it. You can't get my boy to talk to you about much, but mention the "pop fly" and you'll get an earful.

Kesler now considers the baseball park his second home and most of his entertaining vocabulary these days has something to do with baseball.

flush: A drink made of flavored syrup poured over crushed ice

pleats: A pair of shoes with metal or hard rubber projections on the soles

skumsqueem: a substance formulated to prevent sunburn, usually by absorbing and reflecting ultraviolet radiation

Brevin's friend Colbe has a wii that Brevin absolutely loves to play. I refuse to buy any gaming system because I know what I did with every single, solitary, spare second of my childhood...with blistered thumbs I tried to save the princess with Mario, Luigi, and my little brother, Tyson. So every time Brevin gets home from playing with Colbe he asks for a wii. Our most recent conversation went like this...

"Mom, can I have a wii?"


"But, I really want one."


"I am going to ask Santa Clause to bring me one for Christmas next you think he will bring me one?"


"Why not?"

"Because Santa Claus has to check with mommies to make sure they approve of his gifts, and I will tell him no."

"Well, I guess I will just ask the Easter Bunny for one then." and he walks away.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

I feel like I am so behind on blogging!! My sister conned me into reading "Twilight." I told her I was not at all interested in reading anything about vampires. So after much persistence on her part, I decided to appease her and read a few pages. The plan: read a couple of chapters, tell her I was completely bored, and return the book. The backfire: I picked up the book and read it every possible spare second I could find, and finished the stinking thing in less than 48 hours. The result: I am so behind after not working for 48 hours, and then leaving for the weekend!

When did holidays get complicated? I would love to go back to the day when Father's Day just meant spending Saturday in Logan at Willow Park with my mom's family, and Sunday just meant burgers on the grill. Not who called, who didn't, who we should call...yuck! I will just stop there for the sake of not saying more than I should :)

I decided that this Father's Day I would worry about the most important father in my life, my husband. Bryson would kill me for putting this on the blog...the advantage, I am not sure Bryson even knows our blog address. So, I will be interested to see how long it takes him to read this and demand I take it down :) I had plans to do this sooner, but it's one "entry" I am not going to let slide.

A few things that make Bryson an amazing father/husband...
  • The minute he gets home from work, every single day, Bryson looks for the boys and they immediately go outside to play baseball. (or football, or basketball, depending on the season)

  • Anything he puts his mind to he gives 100% until it's done.
  • I love how much he loves my family.
  • He laughs at all my jokes :)
  • He uses his lunch hour so he can make it to all of Brevin's T-Ball games.

  • He works so hard so that we can have all that we need, and makes it so I can be at home with my boys all day.

  • He cleans up every night after dinner.
  • He respects me.
  • He is so smitten with Brevin and Kesler
  • He supports me in my many undertakings.
  • He calls us several times every day to check on us.

  • He is so active. Always running, jumping, wrestling, rollerblading, shooting a ball, hitting a ball, throwing a ball...
  • He is always happy.
    His laugh makes everyone laugh
  • He watches a show with me every night before pick :)

  • He always tell us he loves us.
  • He reads scriptures and says prayers with all of us before bed every single night. (They choose him to say the night prayer almost every night, he always laughs and obliges)
  • He just loves to be with us. We do everything together.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

So much to say...

Whenever I am doing a picture session I check the color first with my boys. So I have tons of pictures of them just like these. Brevin thought he should get a turn to be on the other side of the camera. One of our very favorite things in the summertime is going on "hikes." We love to go on Sunday afternoons, and we finally had a nice Sunday afternoon and chose to hike to the pillars at Idaho State. It was our last hike last summer so we thought it was only fitting that we start there. It was such a nice day when we started, but it didn't last long. It started getting a little chilly, but the boys had so much fun regardless.

What does Kesler's hair looks like after his nap...

Brevin had his first T-Ball practice on Friday. I cannot even begin to tell you how much he loves to play baseball. He was so excited that he got his shoes out, placed a sock in each shoe, and got his clothes out so he would be ready first thing in the morning. His first game is tomorrow and he can hardly stand it he is so anxious. I will post his new schedule ASAP for anyone who wants to come watch a game!

Every chance we get we are out in the yard hitting balls. The other day Kesler was taking his turn at bats when I told him to "choke up." He looked at me totally puzzled. I repeated myself a couple of times, and he finally gagged and coughed at the same time...not exactly what I had in mind. We laughed so hard that he now does it every time we tell him to "choke up."