Monday, May 19, 2008

We has such a fun weekend in Malad. It was Lindsey's Malad reception so we went down on Friday to help decorate and spend some time with our decorators, our good friends Jackson, Rachelle, and Berkley (she got pictures and I didn't...what was I thinking?), Saturday was the reception, and Sunday was the most fun, relaxing day we've had in a long time!

Last summer my boys really wanted a cat, so when our friends, the Briscoes, had a litter of kittens we took Malad. Anyway, Tiger and Stash happened to both be girls and when we got home from church on Sunday there was the cutest little kitten I have ever seen in the backyard. By boys were so excited they couldn't see straight. After a few minutes I told Brevin that he could name her. So he sat there pondering for a few minutes and then came over to talk it over. He said, "Mom, I don't know if it's a good enough name, but I am thinking that maybe I will call her Happy Meal." Well, I was able to hold it together, Bryson on the other hand burst out laughing. So Brevin immediately said, "Or I could name her Dingle." I assured him that either would be fine so he settled on Dingle. So then we went in to eat and then we went back outside and saw Stash carrying a kitten across the lawn. We followed her and found four more little furballs in my parent's garage. Kesler named two: Muskars and Dango, Brevin named the rest: Happy Meal, Dingle, and Olive. Honestly, could they be any cuter? So when the cousins came down to join in on the fun we put the sprinkler under the trampoline and ended up entertaining the adults just as much as the kids. They took a quick minute to soak Grandma and Grandpa. We also squeezed in a few haircuts while we took turns jumping. I didn't bring swim suits so my boys just wore their unders.
The final venture of the day came when I told Brevin and Bree (who were getting bored) to sell water. They had cups and a pitcher of water out. Well, I meant sell to us, their family, but they had other ideas. They really made signs and stood in the front yard selling cups of water. And yes, just in case you are wondering, they did sell some. Good old Malad. Lindsey took some brownies out from the reception and they sold those too. You can imagine our surprise when Brevin came running in saying, "We are out; we need more brownies out here!" The ended up making $5.50. Not bad for an hour and a's about minimum wage isn't it?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day

After a lot of traveling lately we decided to just stay home on Mother's Day. I was taking pictures on Saturday and when I got in the car with my boys Kesler got this huge smile and said, "Mom, we got you something!" Brevin was so mad. Kesler said, "It's a treat and it tastes really good!" Then moments later the yelling match resulting in both of them crying. Uggghhh the story of my life. It was funny though. So Sunday morning they were so excited to bring me their gifts. They started bringing me different "treats" and I just busted up laughing so hard. They had tricked Bryson into buying all of their favorite things! Brevin handed me some gum and I said "Is this mommy's favorite gum?" He admitted "No, it's mine." I seriously laughed my guts out. Nothing like pulling the wool over their dad's eyes.

So then Bryson told me that Brevin had made a list of what he wanted to buy me. (Oh, I have passed on my passion for list making) It was the cutest thing. It said hedband, kande, and braslit. He also made me a "Hape Muvrds Day" card. Oh, I wish I could just keep him this adorable forever. Brevin is so sensitive to me. He can tell whenever I am sad or hurt and he always does something for me. Whenever I say I'm cold he goes and gets me a blanket on turns the fireplace on. On Sunday I was telling Bryson about something that had upset me and Brevin ran upstairs to make me another picture. He is such a good little guy.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Weddin'

Well, it finally happened! Lindsey and Nate were married Saturday May 3rd. I am so so so happy for them and proud of them. The day was perfect. We woke up in Salt Lake to beautiful weather and the most incredible temple grounds I have ever seen in my life. The tulips and daffodils were seriously unbelievable. I couldn't stop snapping pictures. I will soon post Lindsey and Nate's pictures on my photo blog.

We had lunch in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and then the reception was at Le Jardin. It was the most amazing greenhouse/reception center you could imagine. It is full of flowers, fountains, little rock walking paths...I could go on and on. The surroundings made the reception all the more enjoyable. The boys played in the fountains, ate eclairs, taffy, and cheesecake until they were sick, and ran around with their cousins having such a fun time.

The boys absolutely loved Salt Lake...riding Trax, swimming in the pool, being with all of the family, and Build a Bear. Which brings me to maybe the funniest part of the weekend. Both boys begged to go to Build a Bear all weekend. So they were ecstatic when the time finally came. Brevin chose a leopard and named it Purrito (yes, with a "p") and Kesler chose a cat, surprised us all, and named it Statue. They were both dead serious and dead set on the names so we giggled and went about our day. We also played in the fountains at the Gateway mall, and I was so stinking tired of carrying my camera around that I made Jillene lend me hers for a few shots. I will post them as soon as I get them from her.