Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Weddin'

Well, it finally happened! Lindsey and Nate were married Saturday May 3rd. I am so so so happy for them and proud of them. The day was perfect. We woke up in Salt Lake to beautiful weather and the most incredible temple grounds I have ever seen in my life. The tulips and daffodils were seriously unbelievable. I couldn't stop snapping pictures. I will soon post Lindsey and Nate's pictures on my photo blog.

We had lunch in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and then the reception was at Le Jardin. It was the most amazing greenhouse/reception center you could imagine. It is full of flowers, fountains, little rock walking paths...I could go on and on. The surroundings made the reception all the more enjoyable. The boys played in the fountains, ate eclairs, taffy, and cheesecake until they were sick, and ran around with their cousins having such a fun time.

The boys absolutely loved Salt Lake...riding Trax, swimming in the pool, being with all of the family, and Build a Bear. Which brings me to maybe the funniest part of the weekend. Both boys begged to go to Build a Bear all weekend. So they were ecstatic when the time finally came. Brevin chose a leopard and named it Purrito (yes, with a "p") and Kesler chose a cat, surprised us all, and named it Statue. They were both dead serious and dead set on the names so we giggled and went about our day. We also played in the fountains at the Gateway mall, and I was so stinking tired of carrying my camera around that I made Jillene lend me hers for a few shots. I will post them as soon as I get them from her.


Burrup Family said...

Those pictures are gorgeous. All of them! I am so happy that it turned out to be such a beautiful day for you. Your boys are adorable!!

Dille Family said...

What a perfect day! Beautiful pictures! Sounds like fun! I love weddings and am so happy to be a part of Lindsey's. I am the most excited to finally see your boys. I can't wait!

M&M said...

hope you got my email - it was super funny!

You have now been tagged so check my blog for the questions.

Great pics - lindsey is so super photogenic and the whole family looked great.
luv ya mist

Jess said...

I miss you so much more after seeing you friend! The pics are amazing. We're still trying to do next weekend up that way. And I'm putting together my plan for our quarterly visits!

I love you much buddy!

kristib said...

The pictures are so pretty and Lindsey looks fantastic. I was sad that we couldn't be there. It sounds like you all had a great time.

CorLesMarBoPi said...

Great job on the pictures. They are awsome.