Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day

After a lot of traveling lately we decided to just stay home on Mother's Day. I was taking pictures on Saturday and when I got in the car with my boys Kesler got this huge smile and said, "Mom, we got you something!" Brevin was so mad. Kesler said, "It's a treat and it tastes really good!" Then moments later the yelling match resulting in both of them crying. Uggghhh the story of my life. It was funny though. So Sunday morning they were so excited to bring me their gifts. They started bringing me different "treats" and I just busted up laughing so hard. They had tricked Bryson into buying all of their favorite things! Brevin handed me some gum and I said "Is this mommy's favorite gum?" He admitted "No, it's mine." I seriously laughed my guts out. Nothing like pulling the wool over their dad's eyes.

So then Bryson told me that Brevin had made a list of what he wanted to buy me. (Oh, I have passed on my passion for list making) It was the cutest thing. It said hedband, kande, and braslit. He also made me a "Hape Muvrds Day" card. Oh, I wish I could just keep him this adorable forever. Brevin is so sensitive to me. He can tell whenever I am sad or hurt and he always does something for me. Whenever I say I'm cold he goes and gets me a blanket on turns the fireplace on. On Sunday I was telling Bryson about something that had upset me and Brevin ran upstairs to make me another picture. He is such a good little guy.


aironn said...

Seriously adorable. Aren't little boys the best?!

Burrup Family said...

So Sweet!! Your boys are so adorable Adrianne. I just love them!!

West Family said...

I love the picture of lindsay and your boys - she looks beautiful and the boys are so cute! i can't believe how different kesler looks!