Friday, April 25, 2008, not a typo. Gotfor. Kesler has been saying this and I haven't been able to figure it out. As anyone who has ever had a two year old knows, there is a whole lot of frustration that comes out when you are unable to understand them. So when he would tell me, "Mom, you gotfor my shoes." or "Mommy, I gotfor say my prayers." I was at a complete loss then came the epiphany...FORGOT! That's what he has been telling me for weeks. Even though I have figured it out, it still trips me up a bit when he says it. So cute, though.

Brevin came home from church on Sunday with yet another CTR necklace. Any mommy knows the type-the colored white paper with a paper punch in the middle, laced with yarn. Well, every Sunday we make some type of treat and the boys get to choose where they want to make "deliveries". So this past Sunday Brevin was putting on his jacket when he started tucking the necklace inside and muttering, "I better put this in here. Don't want to look like white trash." Well, I had to bite my cheeks pretty hard to keep from exploding with laughter.

So, Brevin has a loose tooth, and I am freaking out about it. I keep telling him to leave it alone or he wont be able to eat corn on the cob (his absolute favorite food in the world). I am so not ready for the crazy monster teeth to start appearing. Oh, come one, you all know what I am talking about. I seriously have issues with my little boys growing up. I had not idea it would be this hard...complete torment.

As I have mentioned before Brevin is WAY into spelling. I asked him to make the grocery list for me the other day and it included milc, fliflops, & jus. Now as adorable as it is, how do I go about telling him that those words aren't spelled right. Not only to I not want to crush his little ego, but how in the world to I explain when to use a k and when to use a c, when I don't even know the answer myself.--so complicated.

Garden update. If anyone has Martha's direct line I could sure use it. I am in a bit of a pickle. My little garden is completley outgrown it's container, and for anyone else noticing that it is STILL snowing in flipping April I don't think I am going to be able to plant them anytime soon. So


aironn said...

I love it! My boys would say things like, headfore and applepine that would take us a while to figure out.

CorLesMarBoPi said...

So white trash huh, I wonder where he learned that from.... That is cute about Kesler saying things backwords. I love it!