Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hooray for warm weather!

It's finally coming! We had such a fun weekend outside. It feels like it's been forever since I've been able to say that. We spent the entire day Saturday outside playing baseball, Frisbee, cooking on the grill, even a little yard work.

Sunday...even warmer. Grandpa Thayne brought Grandma Thelma & Grandpa Farrell to see us. My favorite Grandma story that day was that she told me that a couple of years ago she got pulled over going 90 mph in a 45. She laughed so hard when she was telling me this. I love love love when she laughs like that. We all sat outside and played a little baseball.

Monday...the wind was so out of control, but it didn't stop us from spending the entire day out, and we ended up quite lobster like.

Our fence isn't quite up yet, so the boys still have full access to the dirt piles...

So Monday night for FHE we were doing the little packet you can download off the Internet each week http://deseretbook.com/mormon-life/curric/index?area_id=7, because mommy is extremely busy right now. And it was about Nephi being favored by the Lord...so we were talking about favorites. So here are a few of ours...

Favorite animal?

Brevin: Cats & Pigs (He thinks it's hilarious that I get so disgusted around the pigs at the fair, so he was doing his best to get a rise out of me)
Kesler: Whooses (Horses) & Cows
Bryson: Tiger
Me: Human beings (yeah, there were some arguments over that, but you all know how much I love animals.

Favorite Color?

Brevin: Blue & Orange
Kesler: Yellow & Blue
Bryson: Orange
Me: Brown (again Brevin very disgusted)
Favorite Food?

Brevin: Corn on the cob
Kesler: Squash (hilarious)
Bryson: Pizza
Me: Mashed potatoes and gravy
Okay just a couple more hilarious things...

Yesterday I was in the tub and Brevin came in to go to the bathroom. I asked him a question and he said "Mom, can't you just let me poop in peace?"
Kelser's favorite line latley is "What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?" I need to record him saying it...so funny.
Brevin told me today on the way home from the store that he had a big decision ahead of him...I asked him what that might be. He said "I am just not sure what I am going to be when I grow up." So I took the bait and said, "Oh, really? What are you choosing from?" and he explained either a paleontologist or a veterinarian. I told him either would be fine :)
So I was recently told about this website that converts your blog into a book. http://www.blurb.com/ I was just curious if anyone has tried it yet. Wouldn't that be amazing to have all of this in books?? I am excited and planning to try it. Someday when my life isn't so crazy.


M&M said...

I cannot believe how Brevin has grown-up - he is getting tall and so so cute. By the way, your garden - totally awesome. Oh and tell Kesler that I love whooses too:)

love ya mist

kristib said...

Tyler actually surprised me a couple of years ago and printed my blog entries into a book for Christmas. It was my favorite gift ever. I LOVE having a hard copy of what we've done- it makes it seems that much more 'journal' like. I even have 'Volume 2' now too. He used lulu.com. It's awesome.

And your boys are the cutest- they always look very nice, even when they're playing in dirt. Way to go!

Jandy Lou said...

Hi Adrianne, it's Jandy (Smith). I took a peek at your blog...hope you don't mind. You have an adorable family. Very sweet boys!! Have a great day!!!

Dille Family said...

Thanks for the insight on those websites for FHE ideas and the photo book. We had snow here on Sunday, I don't know about you but I feel like spring is never going to get here. We have to take advantage of the few warm days in between! Your boys are too big! I was thinking about coming to see you but realized you are probably busy with wedding stuff. If Berk and I just come on a weekday when is good for you? You are taking a ton of pictures! I want you to do Berkley's in a month or so...we'll chat later!