Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ice Fishing

The boys were dying to try out their new fishing poles, so Uncle Nate to the rescue! We called around to find out where the ice was thickest, and Devil's Creek was the answer. So, we took one more quick trip to Malad before the Christmas Break ended. It was a blizzardy day, so Lindsey and I stuck around long enough to take some quick pictures and wait for Kesler to call it quits (about a 1/2 hour). It actually looked pretty fun, just too cold! Grandpa Thayne and Brady drove up to meet everyone, and surprisingly Brevin & Bryson not only stuck it out...they enjoyed it! Crazy!

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M-n-M said...

My brother and brother in law have been going to Daniels and have caught some pretty big sized ones out there. They said the ice was good and solid too!!!!

I am very glad that you didn't fall in like the poor guy who ended up on the front page of the news paper.