Sunday, November 23, 2008

I know, I know, I know...

So every person I run into has something to say about my not blogging lately. I just got on and saw the anonymous comment, ha ha...and I guess it's time to tell why...I've got a bun in the oven. Yep, after adamantly swearing I would never go through this hell again, I am--and it is hell. I have been EXTREMELY sick, and my triggers are

  • My house
  • My garage
  • My car
  • My purse
  • My computer
  • My clothes
  • My kids
  • My husband
  • My phone (yep, even my phone stinks)

Which all lead me to a whole lot of puking. Don't worry, though, it hasn't stopped me from gaining 15 lbs! Yep, you heard right, 15 flipping pounds. I can actually see myself getting fatter. I was on an anti nausea drug that made me crazy tired, so at my second appointment I asked for something that wouldn't make me so tired...he wrote me a prescription for Zophran, which instantly became my new friend, and then after two weeks have doesn't work anymore. I started dry heaving and Brevin said, "Mom, hurry, take a pill!" But called Grandma after to tell her he watched mom puke...AGAIN!

Now you can all mark my words...THIS IS IT!! I will never ever do it it again. I can deal with the tiredness, I can deal with back aches, but I cannot stand feeling like the worst day of the flu all day every day. I tried to bargain with the man upstairs, and told him that if I wouldn't be sick this time I would do it again, but since my pregnancies have progressively got worse...I guess we've come to an agreement.

Truthfully, the hardest part for me is that I feel like a bad mom. I have fallen asleep drawing a picture with Kesler, literally pencil in hand. I get the worst at a night so I fall asleep on the couch and hear them crying because Bryson is trying to get them to bed and that is mommy time at this house, but I can't get myself to stand up because I know the minute I smell their room...I'm a goner...miserable.

I am fifteen weeks right now, and was hoping to wait until Thanksgiving to tell, unfortunately my belly isn't cooperating. So as people have found out, I decided to let the rest of you in on it. I was sick for 16 weeks with Kesler and I am hopeful that things will start to get better soon. We are hoping for a boy, I can't wait to hear everyone leave a comment about that, but it's true. No girls allowed at this house :)

The boys aren't I had anticipated. The only time Kesler agrees that this might be a good idea (and I'm still not sure that it is) is when I tell him HE gets to be the big brother. I'm sure he just pictures himself getting to boss someone littler than him around, and it makes me laugh. The only thing Brevin really says about it is that he gets to name it, and he is totally set on it. He told Bryson that Bryson got to name him, I named Kesler, and now it's his turn.

So for all of the unanswered emails, phone calls, & texts, I really am sorry. I am hoping to feel better soon and then I promise I will be better :)

Just for the record, I am missing my photo card that has Brevin's Birthday & Halloween on it so as soon as it reappears I will PROMISE to post both of those important events.


Bo and Nell said...

Good Luck! I will say a prayer that you get feeling better soon! Can't wait to get to see you on the 6th!!!!

Dille Fam said...

Wow! I was wondering what you have been up to and now I feel bad knowing you've been puking every second. I am so sorry! Just look at the two angels you have and remember they are worth it. I wish there was something I could do. I am hoping you have a girl since I love mine! Good luck. Keep us posted. (I can't believe you could keep quiet for 15 weeks.)

Monica said...

Ummmm. Your a girl. So I guess the no girls allowed thing doesn't really pertain to you? Sorry you have been so miserable. I hope we can get together soon. Love you lots!

Cat said...

Congrats! Good luck w/the triggers-- make sure you don't buy any boxes of corn dogs or read this comment because that was my number 1 trigger w/Isaac-- I hope it gets better soon! Take care*

aironn said...

Congrats! I really feel for you and the constant sickness. Hopefully it will end soon. I will keep my fingers crossed for another boy from one mom of boys to another. I'm so excited for you guys!

kristib said...

Hooray! I'm very excited for you- and I'm hoping for another boy for you too. Chances are good- our family's full of them! I hope you start feeling better soon and blogging more too. :)

Burrup Family said...

Hi Ad! Congrats!! I have to tell you that I had a feeling you were expecting. I knew that when you told me you had been sick that a little one must be coming. YEAH!! But how could I ask someone that looks as good as you if they are expecting? You look awesome every time I see ya. I feel bad you have been so sick and hopefully you will feel better soon. That is the worst. My last two were terrible pregnancies. Take care!!

Amy said...

I feel for ya! It's no fun being sick. Congrads!

Cathy said...

Congrats...I think? Do I wait to say that after the morning (all day) sickness goes away?
If it's a girl can Drew and I have her? ;)

Anonymous said...

you better~

Kaci said...

Hey Ad! Ya I hope you are feeling better! Guess what, I saw Twilight! It is awesome! Edward is FLAMING HOT! You would drool over him! SERIOUSLY! LOVE,

The Wagner's said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Hopefully it won't be too much longer until you're feeling better. #3 must be bad overall! This has been my worst pregnancy too - my lifesaver was Unisom/B6! I think I'm finally over it. When are you due? I'm going to hope you get our girl and we get your boy:)

Brooks said...

Hey Ad, Congrats and I am so sorry at the same time. You would think your body would cooperate a little better. I hope it gets better for you. Hopefully I will get to chat with you when I get back into Pocatello this month. I'll be there from Dec. 15-Jan. 10. (I'm in Texas teaching, I think you knew that. Anyway, good luck and if I need to get ahold of you I'll call Bryson. ha ha Oh, and what's up with posting your comment at 3:45 AM!!!! CRAZY!

Anonymous said...

Ad - I keep looking to check up on you. It appears that the lack of blogging may imply that you are still pretty sick....sorry friend :( Hope to see you again soon. Love your guts!!

Kaci said...

Hey Ad!
You need to post a picture of your Christmas tree, when you get the time and start feeling better! Any names?, besides Kaci for a girl and Casey for a boy! Seriously, I wasn't born yesterday! JK! Get feeling better Ad! So Brev wants to name the baby Hale?, am I right? What if its a GIRL.....I am praying for you to have one, just look at your cute would a Vaughan girl be? GORGEOUS! Love you tons........hope you stop throwin' up!
Love ya,
Kaci <3

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