Tuesday, June 5, 2007

T Ball

Brevin had his first T-Ball game Monday. He absolutely loved it! He hit off the first pitch both times and was so excited. The night before his game every line in his prayer had something to do with baseball. "Please bless that my food will make me grow big and strong so I can run really fast. Please bless that I will be able to throw the ball really far...." It was funny. He is pretty tiny out on second base, but he keeps up with the others. He has another game tomorrow morning and asks hourly when his next game is.

Kesler was very upset that he couldn't play also. He cried everytime someone used Brevin's bat.

After the game the boys cooled off in the pool. I took some cute pictures of them.


Jenny said...

why is home base behind him??? did sheldon vaughan teach me how to play ponytail softball backwards? and i thought you were switching the kid to the "right" side -- his little legs are closer to the base if he's a lefty.

Dille Family said...

I cannot believe how big your boys are! They are adorable. It is sad how long it's been since we've seen each other. I am so glad you are doing a blog, with all your pictures, yours will be the best one! You look good. Congrats on Bryson's graduation. Keep in touch! Rachelle

kristib said...

I'm so excited you are doing a blog now! I hope that you post regularly- I can't believe how much Kessler has changed since you were here. You guys look great.