Thursday, July 12, 2007

We had a lot of fun in Malad for the 4th of July, our favorite holiday! It was really, really hot, but we loved spending time with a lot of our friends and family.

We went to the parade in the morning, watched Bryson, Brady, Nate, Brandy, & Brett play in the dodge ball tournament, and we were pleasantly surprised when Brevin ran in the races! Every year he says he's going to and when he gets to the starting line he freezes. So this year Kesler had had enough and Bryson decided to take Kesler back to the house becaue he knew Brevin wouldn't run. But Aunt Sissy stood at the starting line with him, and he ran his little heart out. I was really proud of him!

Both of the boys absoultey loved the fireworks. We all went to the high school to watch. Kesler was in awe watching them on Grandma Mary Ann's lap snuggled up in a blanket. Then we went back to the house to do our own. Kesler didn't quite make it; he was so tired he fell asleep in the car and slept through all the noise. Brevin was afraid to touch any of them, or hear any of them for that matter, but he had fun watching with his cousins. We only had two small fires :)

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