Friday, August 1, 2008

A July/August Wrap Up

Okay, I have been the worlds worst blogger for the past month...I started this post over a month ago and never finished so I am going to post this belated one, and then try to play catch up on the past weeks activities.

This summer has been absolutely crazy. Between the American Idol, 4th of July, a trip to California, Girl's camp, lots and lots of picture appointmens...I could go on and on. I need to take a minute to write down some things that I don't want to forget. So some of my favorites...
Kesler had gone number two and when he was finishing up he crinkled up his little nose and said, "Eeewww Mom, that smells like poop!" My response..."That's because it is poop, Sweet Heart."
After 5 long years of every method possible Brevin can finally ride his bike without training wheels, and we can't even take the credit. On a Sunday evening Tyson was here and we were complaining about it. He said that he wanted to try. So after a little persuasion Brevin made an attempt. Tyson's conclusion--his bike was too big. So we got out his old bike, took off the training wheels, and with a little help from Uncle Tyson...he did it on his first try!! Since then he pedals his little legs all over tarnation.

I was doing A LOT of laundry after our trip to California and the boys went out back in their pajamas. As I was walking past the windows I saw Brevin out on the trampoline doing push-ups...Kesler watching carefully. I paused for a moment, chuckled, and kept going. Then a few minutes later I walk past again to see them both doing sit-ups on the trampoline...again, I laugh and keep going. About ten minutes later they were both under my feet asking to go downstairs (we have a little rule, can't go downstairs until the upstairs is clean) I told them they could go if they wanted, but I was going to stay upstairs. Brevin says, "That's okay Mom, I just need to get on the tread mill and go for a run." When I asked him he later told me he had been getting ready for a big game.

Brevin tends to carry on the Daniels temper at times and when Kesler upsets him, the first thing he does is get angry which results in a fight. Lately I have been telling them, "Why don't you talk about it instead of getting angry?" It actually has been working and I think Kesler has really learned to appreciate it when Brevin is patient with him. So Kesler had done something to get himself sent to time-out and Bryson said, "Kesler...time out!" Kesler looked up at Bryson with raised eyebrows and those big blue eyes and said, "Dad, maybe we should talk about it."

We went to watch Bryson's softball game last Monday, and let's just say they aren't the most action-packed games. The boys have a terrible time paying attention to them. So when we got in the car Bryson said to Brevin, "Did you see my home run?" Brevin, "No." Bryson was irritated and said he doesn't even know why we go because we are all so bored. After a few minutes Brevin says, "Dad, you're supposed to tell me 'Thanks, for coming to my game.' " Bryson tells Brevin that he's not going to tell him thanks for coming when he knows Brevin doesn't like to go in the first place. Brevin says "You are still supposed to tell people thank you for coming." So Bryson says smugly, "Thanks for coming to my game, Brevin." Brevin's response, "It was my pleasure, Dad."


The Palmer Family, Establishing 2008 said...

Thank you. It was much needed!

Burrup Family said...

Ohhhh Ad they are so cute!! Too funny about Bryson's game.

Bex said...

Those a way cool pictures! You need to text me sometime and tell me how you are doing!

West Family said...

as always - your pictures are the best! i love them - your boys are absolutely adorable - you are not so bad yourself! take care! love, val