Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Time Fishin'

My poor kids have been wanting to go fishing for a long time...the problem...their parents don't fish, or camp, or pretty much anything that requires you to be dirty and cold for an extended period of time. Luckily, my boys have an Uncle Nate who loves the outdoors.
On Labor Day weekend Nate talked Bryson into getting a one day fishing pass and brought all of his gear to Malad. They started early and went to two different locations , and had so much fun. Bryson was the first to catch one at Deep Creek that was huge (about 25 inches long) and was incredibly proud.

Brevin caught one all by himself casting and everything and Kesler caught two with a little assistance. They had such a good time. Thanks Nate!


Chase & Dani said...

Those are cute little fishermen! Chase got me to try fishing last summer and it was actually pretty fun. But like anything else -it's always funnier with kids because they get so excited!!

aironn said...

So, did you fry them up for dinner?

Bo and Nell said...

They did GREAT! That is something we can't wait to do now that we are back home again!!!