Saturday, April 4, 2009

No Foolin'

So on April Fools I had a doctor's appointment first thing in the morning. I was just about ready when Bryson and Kesler came to find me to tell me that Taffy had kittens! Yep 5 little black and white striped mouse-sized kittens. Oh man...what in the world have we done to ourselves? The boys are absolutely obsessed with them and go to check on them about every 10 minutes. They already beg to keep them because they know we wont let them. I made the mistake of telling them that when they are about 6 weeks old we will give them away. I regrettably used the time reference of "about the time our real baby gets here" So Kesler pleaded with me to just keep the baby in my belly so the cats wouldn't have to go!
They've already named them. They agreed (which is a rare occasion) on
Brevin chose
Max and Alex
Kesler's picks were
Grapes and Mint :)

So anyone looking for some new pets let me know! Otherwise, to the pet store they go.

We have this fun little clean up game we play where I let the boys stand at the top of the stairs and then I toss them items that have made their way downstairs and shouldn't be there. So yesterday I was tossing things up to Kesler and I threw a tube of ridiculously hot pink lipstick that my niece had brought downstairs up to him. (The lipstick is used for Halloween only, just for the record). So anyway just about then the doorbell rang and my friend Cori came in. I heard her talking to Kesler and laughing. So I went up the stairs to find this....
Last week he was putting my lip gloss on at church, and I'm sure he thought that there would be no evidence at all that he had tried it again.

Brevin and his "air shot" Oh my son has developed a nervous twitch we like to call the air shot. He will just be walking through the house, or telling me a story, or getting out of the tub for crying out loud and about every 30 seconds he jumps into air and acts like he's shooting a basketball. It is the most random thing! So throughout the course of dinner last night I continued to shoot my own air shot every once in awhile. Although, I had Bryson laughing to tears, Brevin didn't think it was nearly as funny. He was ticked actually and kept saying "MOM!" louder and louder each time.
Garden update. The plants started making an appearance only a couple of days after we planted them. They look really good, but have slowed down just a bit...I think because of lack of sunlight. PLEEEEASE let spring come!
Baby Update. After another thyroid scare, a crazy rash that has now subsided, I have now found out that my iron is EXTREMELY low. I was told that I should be taking 350 mg twice a day, and the pills I bought are only 45 mg each. So basically I could take the entire box to fulfill a half day's requirement. The drawbacks of iron deficiency...super tired, can't catch breath, dizzy, and desire for non-food items (no I haven't eaten any sheet rock this time...I know that's what you're all thinking. It doesn't sound too bad though...I must admit). I swear this pregnancy has been such a roller coaster. The good news though-I only gained one pound at the weigh in...wooohoooo!!


M-n-M said...

The garden is looking great.

Who'd of thought that u would be raising a whole slew of animals I knew deep down you really loved them. Maybe I can help you find a home for the kitties, people in our ward usually like them for mousing.

Brevin has some great form going on - I bet his dad is pretty proud of such a cute kid.

I hope you are feeling better. FYI Take you Iron with Vit C (Orange Juice) it enhances absorption. Don't take it with calcium...

The count down is on until your cute little girl is born on May 26 or in your case, June 9th weighting in at 10#:) I love ya

Alli E. said...

I have seriously been looking for lipstick that exact color!! I'm not joking! Tell me what it is and where I can find it. He's a great lipstick model!! I love the garden picture!!!

Monica said...

I laughed at the sheet rock comment. You are right, that is the first thing I thought of. I'm glad things are going well. It won't be long now! I'm counting down the days now. I can't wait to meet her! ;)

Bo and Nell said...

Kittens are adorable! Garden looks GREAT! And, you are on the downhill slide! I hope it warms up and you can come and take some pictures before that baby gets here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ad - kids are adorable as always! Need to see you soon and catch up - miss ya like crazy! Love you!!