Friday, July 17, 2009

Bear Lake

Well there is one thing my kids look forward to maybe more so than anything else in the summer-- going to Bear Lake. Call me crazy for taking a newborn, but I could not let my other two fellas down. They just love to be in the water and sand so could I deny them that :) As hesitant as I was to taking Beck to the beach, we couldn't have had better weather (for him). It was around 80 degrees the whole time we were there, and although I would normally want it much hotter, it made me feel much less guilty.

I found this great craft in Family Fun magazine (thanks Hide) where you glue noodles to cardboard in the shape of fireworks to make stamps. Then you dip the stamps in paint and stick them on a t-shirt. The kids had tons of fun doing them and they turned out super cute. There was one slight problem, however. When we got home and threw them in the wash they came out with much fewer fireworks than before. I had accidentally bought 2 washable colors and 2 not :( Brooke's looked so cute she wore hers on the forth.


West Family said...

Your family is adorable! your baby is a doll and your boys are growing up. hope all is well with you. val

Alli E. said...

Beck is so adorable!! I love the pictures with their feet in the sand. It looks like your boys are loving their baby brother!!

Bo and Nell said...

How fun!!!!! Looks like you had a GREAT time!!!!