Thursday, November 1, 2007

Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday Brevin! On October 30th Brevin turned five! Hard to believe; I know it sounds cliche, but I seriously can't believe it has been five years since that freezing cold day in Anchorage AK! Brevin wanted a race track cake, so once again mommy did her best. It actually looked pretty good, but they way it tasted...well...I let Brevin choose EVERYTHING. He chose one red velvet cake, and one of those nasty funfetti cakes. Then we had both chocolate and vanilla ice frosting. Toasted coconut served as the grass and grasshopper cookie crumbs for the road. Then we topped it all of with "birthday party" and "very berry" ice cream. Rhonda teased that each bite was a different experience...ha ha. It was his day, though, and he thought it was great!

Brevin's favorite part was "whacking the pinata!" No this wasn't a Mexican fiesta, but last year when he turned four he had recently watched an episode of Dora where a pinata was involved. We went to the store the same day and he spotted one and asked if we could do that at his party too. I agreed, I didn't know, however, that we would be doing it every year. I hoped to escape it this year, but just as we were grabbing some Halloween candy he spotted this ghost pinata. I have a feeling a pinata is going to be present at many more birthday parties to come.

No this isn't my newest lip color that Kesler has smeared all over his cute face. It was that red velvet cake batter. If there is one thing my boys absolutely love to do with their mommy it is baking. It makes Bryson sick to watch the three of us inhale the batter and cookie dough. He's constantly saying "Okay, okay, that's enough." He eventually leaves the room dry heaving...but we enjoy ourselves all the while.

So I had passed the batter bowl off to Brevin and Kesler and when I looked over I about fell over laughing. It looked like we had started our prep work for Halloween a litte early. I told him to give me a smile and this "cheese" says it all.


Jillene & Tyson said...

I almost got them those army shirts for thier b-days. It looks like you guys had a tone of fun. We wish we could be there. We miss and love you guys.

CorlesMarBoPi said...

That face of kesler cracks me up sooo funny. I love the cake, good job. Happy Birthday Brev

Monica said...

Great job with the cake Ad! You did a great job. It looks like he had a really good birthday. I don't think it is "cliche". It is unbelievable how fast they grow. I'm a cheeseball about the whole growing up thing.

Bex said...

Ad looking pretty sexy! Your boys are getting so big! It is crazy how fast time goes by. I miss talking to you. You better leave some comments for me sometime! Love ya...Becky