Thursday, November 8, 2007


Just for the record...I have taken my time posting Halloween not because of my tendency to procrastinate, but because I wanted Brevin to get to be in the spotlight for a few days.

For Halloween we went trick or treating at Bryson's office first. It can be a little scary up there I must say, but Bryson's coworkers are very good to our boys. Then we headed down to Malad. It seems only logical seeing as how we have five grandmas and five grandpas there. The problem is that after visiting all five grandparents' homes there is little time for anything else :) The boys loved it, though. Kesler kept saying, "I a zeba". Brevin didn't say much, I know that's hard to believe, but I told him people didn't give out candy unless he said "trick or treat." So I guess the alterative ouweighed his shyness, and that's pretty much all he said that night. I wish he hadn't, though. Those candy bars just scream at me from the pantry all day long to come eat them. My willpower doesn't stand a chance against those Baby Ruths. Actually I am sitting here eating one as I much for reaching my goal weight, huh?

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The Palmer Family, Establishing 2008 said...

Now i can tell you how much i love my boys! I crave them everday and look forward to seeing them as often as i can. Thank you for all you and your family do for us. We love you very much.