Wednesday, December 19, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things

My favorite things about Brevin...

The messages he leaves. He recently left Bryson a message and said "My name is Brevin Vaughan. I don't have a number, I am only five years old...." Also, when he hurt his nose around thanksgiving (no I didn't post pictures, it made me so sad that I couldn't bring myself to take a picture until it was too late) he said, "This is Brevin Vaughan. The one with the big nose, gewd night!" Brevin absolutely LOVES to play sports (I'm not sure why) so every night he has a "game." Especially after we have been to one of Bryson's games. He can hardly contain himself. I overheard him talking the other night and asked who he was speaking to. He told me he was "getting a game together." I looked around the corner and saw him with his cell phone.

I also heard him arguing with Bryson during a football game the other day. He kept telling Bryson to quiet down. Then I heard him say..."after further review..." I could just picture him downstairs with his hands on his hips.

We have some pretty strict rules about TV at our house. It has to stay off all day, but we can watch one thing together at night when we are winding down. We love reality TV, and Brevin's favorite is survivor. I was mopping the kitchen and had all the chairs in the living room. The boys were climbing all over them and Brevin started panting saying that he was in an immunity challenge, and couldn't be interrupted until it was over. Then I found him in his room making an "immunity idol."

Also, I always have the TV on when I am working during their naps, so they sometimes come down when I am listening to Oprah or Ellen. A few days ago Brevin said that someday he hoped to be on one of these shows. I was surprised and asked why and he said "Because they always say...and everyone in the audience is going home with one of these!"

I love how smart Brevin is. Yeah I know. All parents think their kids are smart. But I really do.

Brevin loves loves loves to read, and is starting to figure out how to read and write on his own. I bought him a Christmas coloring book and he opened it to this page. I told him to write a letter to Santa. He left the room and came back about twenty minutes later to show me this. It melted me. Now keep in mind he has never gone to school, so he has a few rules to learn. Like the words are supposed to go from left to right, not up and down. And he is going strictly on sound so Dear to him is Dr, but I was really proud of him.

The translation is this... Dear Santa, I want you to bring a new scooter. When is it going to be Christmas? Brevin

My favorite things about Kesler...

Whenever Kesler gets hurt something is always "broke." The other night he was playing basketball with his brother & dad and got hurt, like always. He came and told me "I broke my bum, I need a new one!"
Kesler loves to sing. He can remember the words to pretty much any song he hears. It is just so stinking cute to see this little white-haired boy walking around singing all sorts of songs. I often hear his daddy asking him to sing him a song. He even sang the prophet song for our pediatrician. Who was awfully impressed :)
Kesler is so loving, and I LOVE it! He is always hugging me and telling me that he loves me "all way a stars!" And every night he asks me "Mommy you lay me? Sing sheep?" I also absolutely love that when I am holding him or when he is laying on me he always plays with my hair. mmmmm I love it!
He doesn't just show love to me though! He loves his daddy and his brother too. He wants nothing more than to be just like his "Big Bro."

Maybe my absolute favorite right now is that Kesler actually believes that he has whiskers. Recently he had accidentally drawn on on himself and Bryson told him that he had whiskers. So now if you ask to see them the makes an "ooo" then an "eee" back and forth really quickly. It is so hilarious.


Monica said...

What a beautiful post. See, you can be as cheesy as I am. I love it. You have a beautiful family and I am always so impressed with what a wonderful mother you are. Thanks for being such a good example. Love you. :)

The Palmer Family, Establishing 2008 said...

Two of the cutest boys on earth! I love them so very, very much! I am so proud to say I am there aunt! I love you guys!

Lacy said...

Well written article.