Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas...and then some...

Breelle, Brevin and Kesler took it upon themselves to make a special package for Santa. Nate helped them the first time, when they included a note that said they didn't have any cookies for Santa. But after I had made some holiday cookies they rewrapped a package including cookies. Bryson was watching them and they were putting several in the box, so he told them they didn't need to have that many. Brevin said "Dad we need a lot so there are some for the reindeer." To which Bryson's reply was..."The reindeer will already be full from eating at everyone else's take a few out." Waiting for Grandpa Thayne's surprise. He told them to close their eyes. They looked so stinking cute I had to snap a quick pic.

On Christmas Eve we first went to the Daniels Family party. Santa had just walked in and I thought the look of wonderment in Brevin and Breelle's eyes was priceless.

I was pleasantly surprised that both Brevin & Kesler sat on Santa's lap. This is the first year for Brevin, and Kesler just does what ever "Brever" (that's Brevin and brother combined) does.

Kesler got a singing rocking horse that everyone was begging to have the batteries removed from.

Even though Brevin spent the entire night puking his guts out, he still tried his best to have a fun day. We weren't able to go to everyone's house like we had planned, but they enjoyed their toys at Grandpa Thanye and Grandma Mary Ann's house.

It seemed to be a cowboy/farming themed Christmas purely by accident. Cowboy hats, horse trailers, stick horse, rocking horse, barns, tractors, cows etc. were strewn about the Daniels house.

New years resolution...update blog more often...hold me to it :)

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Monica said...

Love that picture. Isn't it amazing what we can capture with pictures!

I will definately hold you to your slacking!