Monday, February 25, 2008

I need to update what happened in the past month since I have been a terrible blogger. So, I wanted to give some highlights...

Brevin is soooo into spelling lately. Actually it's ridiculous how much spelling has consumed our lives. Anway, Brevin is constantly sounding things out and then saying for example, "Mom, what does S-T-O-P spell?" So I always come back with "Well, sound it out." And then we figure it out together. So the other day Grandma Mary Ann and Lindsey were here and we were all in the kitchen, and Brevin was writing letters and said, "Mom, what does B-O-O-B spell." what do I say to this? We don't use the word boob here very often (we call them "ta tas" just in case you were wondering). So I say frankly, "That spells boob, bud." Oh boy, you should have seen the look on his face. His eyes got big and he put his head straight down with his hands over his eyes. My mom, Lindsey and I couldn't contain ourselves. We just busted up-so funny.

The latest argument we have been having every day is over the prayer. Both boys want to do it every single time. So my mistake was teaching them..."bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish" know how it goes. Well now Kesler insists on doing "bubble gum" himself and conveniently lands on whomever he thinks deserves to win. Oh, and no matter how many pieces you wish...he always does 4. We should be getting plenty of blessings these days, though, because we have two prayers and nearly all of our meals :)

Last week when Brevin woke up he came to find me with a smile on his face. (very abnormal for Brevin to wake up with a smile) He said, "Mom, I had a dream I was getting in the tub last night and I woke up and I had taken off my clothes!" I laughed and went in to make his bed. I lifted up a pillow and found underwear under it. I said, "Brevin, where did these come from?" and he said, " I couldn't find them when I tried to get dressed after my dream." Hilarious.

Bryson pulled his hamstring playing basketball a couple of weeks ago, but it healed pretty quickly...or so he thought. Last Wednesday he played church ball and hurt it again, but this time when he woke up he couldn't even walk. He got dressed and left for work, but not even and hour later I heard the garage opening. He said he couldn't even push the gas pedal it hurt so bad. So he stayed home from work and we called a friend of ours who is a physical therapist. He said there's nothing much we can do, but told us to wrap it up tight, and take some medicine. The next morning it looked like this...

No that is not a toothpick. It really is Bryson's leg.

We had a really fun weekend this weekend. My mom turned 60! So we planned a fun weekend for her. Tons of surprises, which she fell for hook, line, and sinker. It was fun to see her so happy, and to spend time with family. I was sad this morning when I realized that I hadn't taken one picture, though.

Sunday was also special. Brady asked Bryson to come to Malad to ordain him in the priesthood. I was so happy that Brady asked Bryson to, and I am so proud that my husband is worthy to do so.

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Jillene & Tyson said...

Ad, you are seriously hillarious when you write, the toothpick leg was really funny. Brevin definately has some crazy dreams. He is such a character and is so darn cute. I miss your boys so much and you have to tell them to be prepared for when I see them next, because it'll be lots of hugs and kisses.