Friday, March 7, 2008


Well please forgive!! I have been a horrible blogger lately....but I thought this might be a fun little stress reliever so here goes...

RULES: Answer questions, tag 5 people, then go to their blog and leave them a comment reminding them.

10 years ago...hmm that would be 1998. Well, I was at Idaho State University just on my way to becoming a teacher. I was a Bengal dancing my heart out at game after game. I was waiting for Bryson on his mission in Oklahoma City...he would roll his eyes at that, but he had only been out 10 months-I was still kind of waiting at that point. ha ha ha.

5 places I've lived...

  1. Malad, Idaho
  2. Pocatello, Idaho
  3. Rexburg, Idaho
  4. Anchorage, Alaska
  5. Back to Pocatello
5 things to do today...five...HA...I wish I only had five things to do today
  1. Finish planning my mom's surprise bday party tomorrow (let's hope she doesn't read this before then),
  2. Get my house spotless before the party
  3. Return 8 million phone calls about vinyl & pictures
  4. Get my boys to sleep (only 15 more minutes until nap time!)
  5. Post my most recent photos on my photo blog
  6. Work on my sister's top secret bridal shower gift...don't even try to figure it out sister.
  7. Get vinyl done
  8. Finish two photo disks that I'm behind on
  9. Make sure Young Women's is taken care of on Sunday...I'm skipping
  10. Go to the bathroom--oh it is such a waste of time...I hate it.
  11. Quit blogging and get to work!
  12. Talk to our mortgage guy to refinance our house...the rates are so low!
  13. oh man...I'll stop there just so I wont bore you

Jobs I have had...let's see....

  • lifeguard at Downata Hot Springs
  • volleyball referee
  • painter at Hess Pumice ha ha I almost forgot about that one
  • After school program teacher
  • jamba juice maker :)
  • secretary at Idaho State
  • tutor at Ricks (ohhh i do not like even thinking about that place)
  • teacher in anchorage, AK (English and computers)
  • freight girl at The Buckle
  • vinyl letterer
  • photographer
  • mommy!

5 snacks I can't live without...hmmm I really don't know....we make a lot of treats around here, but I try to make things that I don't really like or else I eat them all!

  1. Chocolate milk. I have never liked milk in my life, but for some reason right after I put my boys to bed I like to turn on the fireplace and drink my glass of chocolate is the 5 minutes in a day that I give myself to just sit.
  2. Snickerdoodles
  3. Chocolate dip ice cream cones (a FHE favorite)
  4. Frosting melted on rice crispies mmmm....try it
  5. Chocolate melted on top of toasted coconut.

What would I do if I had billions of dollars...I can only dream

  • Pay off all of our debt...that would be sooooooo nice to say goodbye to student loans
  • I would pay off ALL of my families debt
  • Create huge college funds for my boys
  • Mission funds for my boys
  • Travel the world...I would love to visit Africa
  • Build an amazing house
  • Built a cabin on the Malad summit
  • Invest
  • Donate to tons of charities
  • Buy all of the photography equiptment I could get my hands on
  • Spend every day without worry with my husband and kids

5 things you didn't know about me...I think this one is life is an open book...

  1. I love to cook, bake, and just be in the kitchen...but Bryson does the dishes :)
  2. I love going to basketball, football, baseball, anyball games with my boys
  3. I have a terrible time getting myself to go to sleep I worry too too too much, thanks mom
  4. I would do anything not to send Brevin to school next year, and I mean ANYTHING
  5. I think that long toenails are so disgusting. Bryson had some toenail issues on his mission so he grows his pretty long. He seriously could climb trees with those things.
  6. I hate talking on the phone, I prefer texting so so so much more

10 years from now...Well, if I can get myself to get pregnant again...ugghh...I hate being pregnant...we will probably have two more kids (please bless two more boys) I will be going to football, basketball and baseball games like crazy (as if we don't already) I hope that my photography business will continue to grow and hopefully by then I will have a full-blown studio. I love being able to set my own hours, and I will need to since I will be going to all of those games :) Hopefully my boys will be smart, loving, and spiritual giants. So far so good :)

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