Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bad dream

This morning Brevin came into my bed very upset. I curled up next to him and he said, "Mom, I had a bad dream. I had a dream that you got a tattoo last night and it made me cry." Oh boy, I was so curious of course so I asked where it was...on my lower back...what was it? It was a dragon...just in case you were wondering. ha ha So I look forward to my back looking like this...I'm hoping to get it done just in time for swim suit season. Let me know what you think.

For anyone reading this that doesn't' know me well. I tend to be a bit sarcastic. I wouldn't get a dragon...maybe something a little more like a cross & bones.


Leslie said...

Its totally you.

Anonymous said...

It's been so long...I'm not sure if you'll remember me...I'm Eden Beus, Dan Beus' wife. Dan and I were doing a GOOGLE search on some of our old friends and teammates and typed in your last name. We were really surprised to find a blog for your happy though! Your family is so adorable! Your boys are too cute! I love your photos from your business.
Quick story: When Dan and Bryson played together at Ricks, Bryson told Dan one day during practice that he should ask me out because we looked like we'd make a good couple...Bryson had great instincts!
It's been fun to see your are very talented! Have a great day