Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Martha Round Two...ding ding

Well, for those of you who have been following us for more than a year...this might look familiar. Last year I was watching Martha and thought it seemed like such a great idea to get our garden started early. The boys absolutely LOVED watching the garden grow on our kitchen table, unfortunately, we didn't really plant the right things and the first night we left them outside they froze :( So...this past weekend I had a Martha on, and low and behold she was doing the same thing. Although, this show was a little more informative than the last one. Maybe I wasn't the only failing gardener out there. The boys have been BEGGING every day to plant the seeds so I promised we would do it for FHE. So I will be doing updates on the garden growing...and pray the outcome is a little different than last year.

After another series of eventful happenings this weekend, I think my mom was worried that I was going to have a mental breakdown so she came up to spend some time with us. The boys were thrilled to have Grandma Mary Ann here and asked her immediately if she wanted to have FHE with us. Although she tried to sneak out of every picture, I managed to catch her in one.

I just started converting my blog to a book and realized how fun those little things my kids say are. I had forgotten so much, so I am going to try harder to keep track of those things.
Yesterday Kesler was in my closet with me while I was getting dressed and he said, "Don't put two bras on today, okay mom." I looked at him puzzled. I said "Mommy never wears two bras, silly." He said "Yes you do, you wear one right here," and pointed right beneath my belly. Oh, aha, the belly band...the best invention EVER! For those of you who don't know what it is. It's like a tube top for the belly/bum crack! It's too bad that my belly is twice the size of the biggest one in the picture.

Kesler and I went to the library while Brevin went to school and checked out a bunch of books. I decided to try getting a bigger book that maybe they would look forward to the story and want to keep reading so I decided to try James and the Giant Peach. Well, we started after Brevin got out of school and read the first 17 chapters. The whole book (136 pages) was completed in less than 24 hours. Every spare second the boys begged me to read on. It was so fun.

Although spring hasn't quite sprung, we are pretending that it has and the boys are loving every minutes. So are their cats...even though hey have more than doubled in size these two insist on carrying them like babies...the funny thing is that those poor felines are so used to it, they don't even put up a fight.

We were painting all day on Saturday...don't even ask...and the boys spent most of the day playing outside with Tango and Taffy. Well it's been almost a year and we still aren't sure if Tango (the fluffy one) is a boy or girl. So on Saturday I was sitting on the lawn with the boys and the cats and Brevin said "Hey mom, I knew it! Tango is a girl. Look at her teats." (He has read A LOT of those informative animal books) Well I looked down, and let's just say...it wasn't a teat, and we finally have an answer. Tango is a boy!


Monica said...

Ah, I wish we could have a cat. I think you are my only friend who likes cats as much as I do. I have memories of you and I as kids playing with all the kitties at your house. Good times. Sorry you had a rough week. Please don't have a nervous breakdown. I need you to be sane. :) Love you!

Kelsie said...

Hope you are doing OK. Please call and let me help if you need anything.

I remember your Martha experience last year. lol Love the pictures especially the cats.

Bo and Nell said...

LOL! Glad he is a boy cat and not a girl cat to give you lots of kittens! Garden looks awesome! You are an AWESOME mommie!!!! Warmer weather is here and if you want take pictures with the old blue truck before baby comes, let me know!!!! :)

aironn said...

Ok, so you've inspired me to brave the library again and maybe start our own "chapter book" at our house. Not that some of those Dr. Suess books don't seem chapters long but maybe we can step it up a notch. Can't wait to see how the garden grows.

Jillene said...

So funny the teat thing and I am glad that the they liked the book. I just bought a belly band and I am so excited to try it. Also I wanted to see how you do the in door gardening thing because I think it would be fun for Teagan.

Jaime And Tyrell said...

So I am not going to get pregnant cuz I'm going to let you have the girl and then you can tell me how good or bad it is!!! LOL :) GOOD LUCK!!!