Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brevin's Seven

Brevin turned 7 on October 30th 2009. His request this year was a surfing party. I questioned his choice of surfing in October, but he insisted. Brevin's choice for his birthday dinner was Red Lobster-which went along perfectly with the theme. One of the highlights of Brevin's day was that his Aunt Sissy flew in from Vegas and surprised him. Kelser chose a cowboy hat for Brevin's gift...

Brevin's favorite part of his birthday every year is his pinata...

I was pretty excited about Brevin's birthday cake. I've been addicted to "Ace of Cakes" lately and went out on a limb and bought some fondant to make a little surfboard since I was unable to find one. Just for fun I started playing around with it and ended up making a little surfer to match. I just couldn't stop myself and ended up busting out my stash of coconut marshmallows to make a little sand castle and I was just getting ready to start making beach towels when Bryson stopped me :) Brevin loved the cake so stinking much! the night before I let him watch me put on the "sand" and "sea shells" and he kept covering his eyes and saying "I can't believe how good it looks!!" Bryson always questions my going all out on everything, but when Brevin woke up and saw his cake completed he said, "You are the best Mom ever!" I told Bryson--that's why do it.

So for the cupcakes heading to the first grade...Brevin went through this fun cupcake book and chose, of all things, corn on the cob cupcakes. I tried to persuade him to do something more Halloweeny and finally convinced him to go with the owls. But I started feeling guilty and told him he could have whatever he wanted, and he excitedly said, "I want the corn on the cob ones!" So I agreed, and I'm so glad! The boys had a riot making them. I bought a couple pounds of various yellow jelly beans, some yellow starbursts for the "butter" and some white and black sprinkles for the "salt & pepper". I thought they turned out so fun.

So about my boy...
  • Brevin is a really, really good boy. He does what he is asked, he's such a good helper.
  • He is super smart. Yep, I'm going to brag about him for a minute. When Brevin was tested the first week of school on his reading level, he tested at a 5th grade 3rd month level...not too shabby for a first grader :) His teacher was too cute when she came outside and met me to tell me.
  • Brevin is an awesome big brother. Kelser and Beck look forward to him coming home so much every day.
  • Brevin is a great athlete. He loves football, baseball, and basketball. He plays with a quiet confidence just like his daddy.
  • He loves loves loves to do any kind of artsy, crafty activities. He has already made a Thanksgiving turkey for each member of our family who will be at dinner. I don't even want to think about how many trees we've gone through at this house.
  • Brevin LOVES to play games. One of his favorites is "guess the animal" game (a car favorite). Brevin loves stumping us and choosing animals like baby harp seal, sloths, preying manits' etc. Lindsey always laughs that she can never figure out his animals.
  • Brevin loves to be with his family. A couple cute little guys have asked him to play after school, and he just isn't interested. I asked him what he thought and he said he'd rather just be with us. One mom came up to me at the school and asked me why I hadn't let Brevin come over. I tried the honesty approach and explained that when Brevin gets home we just want to be together. She looked at me like I was an alien.
  • I love my Brevin so stinking much!


M-n-M said...

I don't think it is just cakes that you go all out for:) i believe you do that with most everything. Thats why we love ya!

Brevin is so super cute. He is such a good kid. But I wouldn't expect less considering who his parents are.

Brex's B-day is coming up next so I will be expecting on Over-the-top cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monica said...

Oh, I love your posts. I think I say that every time but I really do! Love the cupcakes. I have that book but haven't had the chance to make any yet. I'm smitten with Martha's cupcake book right now. I've been doing a cupcake club and having fun with that.

Anyway, Brev is so cute and so smart! You two have good genes! Love ya!

Bo and Nell said...

That is AWESOME!!! What a GREAT mom you are!

kristib said...

He is so excited in those pictures with the cake. You can tell he totally loves it! Way to go.